Jean Gagnon Clausen's interest in the environment began in her childhood spent playing and swimming in the deep spring fed pools that flowed into a major river near her home. The pollution of this river and others created a growing concern for her local environment. This and many other environmental issues was the fabric that began to weave the story of Green Wise Kids.

This award winning book began as a mission to educate and empower her own grandchildren to help fix their environment. By drawing cartoons and creating poems for each child she hoped to inspire them to expand their world view of "caring for the Earth" through small daily tasks.

Jean published Green Wise Kids the book in 2010 with co-authors, Michel C. Tigan who has an Environmental Studies Degree and her husband Larry. The new 2013 E-Book created by a talented local teen, Nick Persinger, takes the book to new heights of adventure. Sounds and animation, birds singing, frogs croaking, lightning , shooting stars and more.

Award-winning Green Wise Kids teaches children about the simple daily choices that can help protect and preserve our Earth. It can be used by teachers and parents as an educational tool to help children understand environmental problems and their capacity to fix them.